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Tortoise Stone

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Rock Monument
Recommended sightseeing time:10-20 minutes
In Xianfo Valley, Dapeng Mountain Tourist Resort, Cixi, NingboMap

What travelers say:

One of the smaller attractions in one, named for the tortoise


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Turtle Rock is located in Xianfo Valley, Dapeng Mountain Tourist Resort, Cixi City. Turtle Stone is a naturally formed stone tortoise. There are fossils of shells and conch shells on the stone tortoise, which proves its origin: the "undersea dwellers" can come here to "visit" completely thanks to the gift of nature. According to legend, when the Jade Emperor attained the Tao, he transformed into two generals of turtles and snakes. The tortoises would swim to Dapeng Mountain and see the mountains full of exotic flowers and plants, and the scenery was pleasant, so they stayed here. He is familiar with astronomical weather and often predicts the villagers in advance to protect them from wind and rain. When Xu Fu was about to go out to sea once before his eastward crossing, he was told by the turtle general that there would be a big storm and escaped a disaster. However, the turtle general was killed by lightning because he violated the sky and turned into this stone turtle. It is said that when the weather turns bad, the stone turtle will cry and emit a stench, reminding people not to go out to sea.
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