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Wet'n'Wild Water WorldNearby City

Wet'n'Wild Water World

4.6/5150 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 2609 reviews
"Water Park"
Ranked #11 in Queensland Can't Miss Attractions
29.5km from Currumbin · Oxenford
" After looking at the ticket price, it was a good deal to decide that the scenic spots and even the tickets were cost-effective, because there was not enough time to go to only two, a carnival water world and a Warner Studios. But going to two is also more cost-effective than buying a ticket alone. I went to the water world on the first day. I really feel good. Many facilities are not far away. The only thing I need to play the big horn is to lift the lifebuoy by myself. I can’t lift it alone. My husband and I lifted it up and climbed very high. Stairs, because there are not many people sitting down as soon as they pant, I feel that there is no buffer time. There is also a good scooter wearing a swimsuit and sitting on the scooter rotating 180 degrees vertically 180 degrees, it feels cool. On the third day of the Warner Bros. Studios, the roller coasters in it were so cool. There were 5 roller coasters in total. One is not equal to 4 for children playing. They are divided into purple, red, gray, and green. The purple one is vertical and the route is long and cool. The red one is very fast and exciting. The gray one has a spiral shape and a 360-degree circle shape. The glasses are open all the way, but when people walk down, they walk a little It feels so cool. The green one is 360 turns, which feels a bit like an inertial pulley, but it is 360 turns, which is also more exciting. My husband and I played 4 roller coasters 6 times in total, which was quite addictive. And the Riptide Yongjin inside also has a good storyline. The only regret is that I didn't see the time to watch the racing performance. When I passed by, I heard the sound of the racing stunt inside. It's a pity. There is a charge of 20 Australian dollars for a photo with a cartoon character. If you want to take a photo yourself, the doll will use your butt to face you. This is not as good as Disney in Shanghai, as long as you line up, you can use your mobile phone to shoot. The overall feeling is very good, and there is also a sea world that can only be wasted if there is no time to go, a little regret. Finally, I would like to praise the customer service. Because the ticket holder was already in Australia a few days ago, the email address was incorrect when the order was placed. He was going to send a verification QR code to scan the code to enter the park, but he asked the customer service to resend it. For the new email address, the customer service immediately sent the QR code back in time. This must be a thumbs up"