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Springbrook National ParkNearby City

Springbrook National Park

4.3/599 Reviews
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"National Park"
22.4km from Currumbin ·
"There are more people going to Spring Creek National Park to see fireflies than Lemington National Park because it is closer. There are not many blue-light fireflies in the world, so I still cherish the opportunity to go. It's a pity that I didn't take photos, because I couldn't turn on the flash to stimulate the fireflies. It used to be charged for driving by myself. I didn't find a specific standard before. I finally decided to go for a day trip. This free-travel group is good, it is pure play, there are chartered pick-ups in urban hotels, and there is Chinese tour guides to explain. The fireflies night tour in Chunxi National Park is cheaper than in Lemington National Park, 200+ person. If there are fewer people, it is recommended to set a day trip in this form. We were the agent that Taobao found before. We booked the lazy cat trip. The itinerary is not bad. We also sent a raincoat and flashlight for free. If there are more people, it will be worth some driving. Reminds 1, Please do not take pictures or shine a flashlight on the fireflies 2, please do not be noisy in the blue light fireflies cave 3, the attractions are in the mountainous area, it is recommended to wear casual shoes and appropriate warm clothes 4, the attractions are located in the rain forest, the stones are carefully sliding after the rain 5, you can not smoke, Fireflies are very unique in Australia and are very precious. We hope that we can cooperate with the local ecology."