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Dingnan Taohuayuan Sceneic AreaNearby City

Dingnan Taohuayuan Sceneic Area

2/51 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Dingnan Can't Miss Attractions
113.7km from Dongyuan ·
"If you don't say anything else, just say this colorful slide. The ticket clearly says that one person at a time, 30 tickets, 4 children bought 4 tickets to play by themselves, the result is that you have to carry the tires from below to play, and tell the ticket collector, the staff can't help us to carry them up. Just say that you can send you up once or twice, we also want to play once, just tell the ticket checker that you don't want to carry it yourself once, and there is no staff to help us. Just say that you have no tires to go up like this. Money has been spent, ok! The kid's got to pick it up, pick it up twice. Friends who have played know that this is a group of two people, that is to say, we have 4 tickets to play 8 times, but the ticket inspector directly tore the tickets of the two people who went in first when he was talking to someone (it was supposed to give them the right ticket for the next time), The last two people are staying, so we bought 4 tickets with 120, which could have bought two tickets with 60, just ok, the ticket office didn't say, literally let us buy 4 tickets, and when we went back later (the theory was over), I told my mother that I could buy one and play with my children... 4 children two The big two small how to see also want a group, is the child can pit! The slide was that one but the experience was terrible, I paid for it and got cheated to buy two more, carried the tires up from the concrete staircase (the tires could not touch the ground), and was taken away twice as much as I should have had, the ticket inspector kept saying I remember you, I remember was maddening! I don't want to go anymore."