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Xitian Library

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139.8km from Dongyuan ·
"Hi, this is Guangzhou Tianhe General, welcome to Shenzhen Branch Photo, this visit to the book city Shenzhen Guangming District Library, in the Guangming Culture and Art Center, probably because it is far away, to read here do not need to overlord, or because it is not known? Visited on Saturday and found that there were more children in the library, there was a special reading area for children, on the 1st floor of the library - 7th floor, but only 3 floors are open, the second floor is divided into classic reading room, Leling reading room, multi-functional learning room, youth reading room, The 24 hour self service library, on the third floor, is in the social sciences reading area, but there are plenty of seats, with windows, bookshelves, and quadrilateral tables for different groups - on one side of the library there is a glass column of rotating stairs leading to the book sea, At present, it has not been officially opened. I like it very much. There are many people reading in front of the stairs. If you don't bother them, they will not be embarrassed. You can go and see for yourself. -Reading tips: The readers' cards of the Shenzhen Library are all passed. We have registered at the Futian Library, a civic center. This time, you can enter as soon as you sweep, all books can be returned from another place, or quite convenient back to the self-help book, books can be eliminated du, really more and more advanced library is open at night, office workers/gaokao party/student party wants to learn xi quietly, you can choose here - name: Opening time of Guangming District Library: 09:00-21:00 (Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Monday) Reservation: On-site entry is OK, currently there are not too many people."