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Fenghe Wandu Taohuayuan Art VillageNearby City

Fenghe Wandu Taohuayuan Art Village

2 Reviews
Ranked #8 in Haifeng Can't Miss Attractions
107.8km from Dongyuan ·
"Shop Name: Taohuayuan Wushe B&B Detail Address: Chishi Town Chiji Highway Sanjianglou Village Dam Scenic Area ~ Traffic Raiders: Self-driving Tour, Direct Navigation (Taohuayuan Art Village), Can do a motor car to Tuen Mun Station, Station to the hotel distance 13.7 kilometers, you can reach by taxi. ~~ Photo recommended place: room bathtub: all around, and definitely out of the film, it is recommended that the best time around 5 pm (specially recommended) ~, white house villa, the interior is super beautiful, but I didn't take it. The white house is full of flowers outside, and the decoration is especially exquisite. Everything is good to wear. (Super recommended) ~, afternoon tea picnic in the courtyard, and camping shooting place, afternoon tea can be booked in advance. I like it so much. I took several groups of photos at a time. Hey (specially recommended) ~ Experience: I stayed in a two-star sky villa. The room is single-family. I have to say that the experience of this hotel is really good, whether it is architectural or ambient. All I feel is the romance and warmth. ~ Fenghe Evening Ferry Taohuayuan Art Village Sapporo Guangdong Haifeng Taohuayuan Wushe Homestay ~ # Taohuayuan Wushe [location] # Shenzhen [location] # Jingmen Station [location] # Shenzhen Photo Game Weekend Go to Shenzhen and visit the surrounding area of Huizhou | Guangdong and Shenzhen Camping Tan Huizhou Camping Guangdong Little Shop | Zhouwei Little Shop Shenzhen Net Red Spot | Shenzhen Little Spot Shenzhen B&B Recommended Shenzhen Surrounding Tour Recommended Guangdong Little Person Photo Site"