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Nature Reserve
Baipenzhu Provincial Nature Reserve Management OfficeNearby City

Baipenzhu Provincial Nature Reserve Management Office

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"Nature Reserve"
87.1km from Dongyuan ·
"Recently, many flowers in the South have been in full bloom. Gesanghua is one of them. I wanted to go to the park to take a photo in a special time. I didn't expect to find this flower sea when I was playing in Huizhou. The area is quite large. The people are very beautiful. I immediately took action. ~ Address: No specific location, I was in Baipenzhu Town, driving from west to east along the 356 provincial road, until I saw a blue road sign with the direction of "White Horse", turning into Y745 Country Road and seeing it. Transportation: Self-driving, parking off the road, tickets: free opening hours: all day long, this is a field of farmland, the paths are full of flowers, we went to take pictures of only one of them. Because it is not an attraction, tourists will not know here, so there are almost no people who come to punch in, and only see a few people when they go to take pictures from hi. Photo advice: It is recommended that you go between 4 ~ 6 pm in the good weather, and the light is soft and not harsh. Clothes to be simple, no flowers, pure white best look, if you can bring straw hats, flower baskets, knit bags and other such props, the whole French pastoral wind out. There will be more mosquitoes, bees are also a lot, go in to take pictures take the path, don't pick flowers and step on flowers! Flower period is not long, if you want to see it, hurry and leave ~"