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Festina Lente Equestrian Centre & Walled GardensOpen at 9:00

Festina Lente Equestrian Centre & Walled Gardens

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18.3km from Dublin ·
"My god, this garden is really super life-like. This garden is really eye-opening for me. What's special is not how tall or amazing the facilities are, of course the scenery It is also very beautiful. What makes me happy is that there is a place in this garden that actually grows vegetables, hahahaha! I only know spring onions and eggplants in many dishes! But I was really surprised when I saw it. It was the first time I saw someone growing vegetables in the garden. There is a small fountain in the center of the garden, which is about three or four meters high. It is round. There are some benches in a round open space outside. You can sit on it and rest when you are tired. The inner wall except for the bricks. In addition to the masonry, there are many tall ones built by plants. The lush greenery is especially eye-catching, but I don’t know the grass in some places. It is really much taller than humans. Gentle and wild beauty. , But looking at the kind that is very comfortable, there are a lot of flowers and plants in it, and you can see turtles crawling on the board that should be put by the staff to bask by the pond! In addition to these, the most popular places are horse riding places. Many children love it. Seeing them wearing horse riding equipment, little people riding little horses, my God! The heart is going to be cute! There are special coaches, and there are many adults riding horses. This place is quite famous. Practical Tips: The opening hours are usually nine to five in the morning. If the address is translated into Chinese, it is Old Connacht Avenue in Ireland, then brayA98 F702"