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Spike IslandNearby City

Spike Island

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217.5km from Dublin ·
"Come to Spike Island and have an adventure with your partner. If you have seen a movie, you must know this island, and this island has also become famous for its movie screenings and has become a famous tourist attraction. It has become the second must-see scenic spot in Ireland.  Thrilling, exciting and fun. We are traveling in a group tour with others, because this way we can enjoy a discount on tickets. The original price is 20 euros per person, and the discount is 16 euros per person, which is still very cost-effective. Usually it is a ferry to the past, and there are also projects to choose from, such as educational tours or overnight tours. Evening tours are recommended for those who are more daring to experience it. There are many prisons on the island, but many of the prisons are in ruins and cannot be visited, but you can see the scene through the gaps in the windows. The punishment area and the children's area are provided for tourists to visit, and you can also enjoy The relaxed and pleasant view of the bay and the display of cannons. At the same time, you can also visit the residences of prison staff and their families. It is recommended to play for three to four hours.  About it, the ferry should be booked in advance, and the return time can be arranged according to the location of the ferry. Generally, there will be a tour guide to follow the whole journey, or you can follow the audio version of the Chinese tour guide. There are also cafes, but only soup and sandwiches. And some desserts, but because they are freshly made, they are still very fresh."