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Outdoor skiing
Treble ConeNearby City

Treble Cone

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"Outdoor skiing"
168.3km from Dunedin · Wanaka
"Treble Cone, New Zealand’s triple cone mountain, skiing and enjoying the scenery, here are all you want. Address: 24 Dungarvon St | Wanaka, New Zealand Tel: +64 3-443 7443 When it comes to the famous ski attractions in New Zealand, you have to mention Treble Cone. The ski resort established in Treble Cone is one of the largest ski resorts in New Zealand. This ski resort has the longest and largest vertical slide in the southern lake region of New Zealand. If you are an experienced skier who wants to experience the excitement, you want to find the best ski Place, then Treble Cone will be your best choice. Ashamed, as a skiing rookie, I have very little skiing experience, and even said that the number of skiing is one of the few. The ski slopes of this place are famous for being long and straight in New Zealand, and it is also a legendary cross-country skiing place. Treble Cone is also well-known for its beautiful natural scenery. It strives to create a pure natural ski resort with a very good concept. This year I was fortunate to come here to ski. Compared with other places, the terrain of Triple Cone Mountain is very steep. In short, it is more suitable for those skilled skiers. After playing here for a while, the rest of the time I naturally want to enjoy the scenery. The Three Cone Mountains are picturesque and snow-capped, making them ideal for taking pictures of tourist landscapes. I have to say, whether it is for sightseeing or skiing, it is a good choice."