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Moeraki BouldersNearby City

Moeraki Boulders

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"Geological Sites"
63.9km from Dunedin ·
"Moeraki Boulders is located on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island. It is a naturally formed geological landscape. The scenic spot is free to tourists from all over the world. It is easy to find the scenic spot by following the navigation along the road. To Park your car in the parking lot at the entrance and walk along the road signs to the beach. After a section of wooden plank road, you can see the big boulders in the distance. The beach in the public area is also very clean. You can take off your shoes and enjoy the sea The magical product of nature. To The weather was not very good that day, the thick clouds blocked the sun, and the photo imaging was not very beautiful~~~~~~ It is recommended to arrive at the scenic spot at sunset (about 17:00 local time). When the sea water ebbs, there will be more than 50 A giant boulder will be completely exposed to the surface of the sea, and will be cordially called a "dinosaur egg". To Regarding the legend of the Moraki boulder, more than a thousand years ago, a navigating warship Araiteuru (Araiteuru) sank on the shore, and the fruits rolled out of the cabin floated here. of. To After research and analysis by professional scientists, it is believed that cobblestone was formed about 65 million years ago, slowly formed from the sedimentary mud on the seabed full of crystallization, and landed here after the movement of the seabed crust. To No matter which version it is, it is a gift from nature. Whether it is a round and smooth stone body polished by sea water and sand all year round, or cracking or even broken due to natural weathering, it is a magical sight, as Like the "Environmental Protection Act" called by the New Zealand government, it is not allowed to suffer man-made deliberate damage, otherwise he will face high fines or even imprisonment! To On the way back, there are a lot of growing flowers and plants, a shopping spot, and a shoe polisher. The management of the scenic spot is very user-friendly!"