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LegolandNearby City


4.5/532 Reviews
"Theme Park"
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Ranked #1 in Billund Can't Miss Attractions
98.8km from Faborg ·
"Personally, Legoland is a great place to visit, and it's not an exaggeration to say that since my young daughter came to Denmark at the age of 3, we've been there almost once a year, both of our parents have been there in the heat, in the winter, in the rain, and even though there are carts at the door that can be used for renting a car for silver, Save the backpack and food from shoulder-hands, but still can't get out of the heavy pace. I admire the ghosts most, shoulder to the baby, with a coffee insulating barrel in hand, full of holiday atmosphere (the ghosts will also be able to pass, the world's scenic spots have a common problem, the price is very high, so many people will bring their own food, anyway, their meals are simple, The sandwiches are delicious for the whole family, and there are plenty of restaurants, which can take longer to queue up than to play, and the mind-wandering need to bring some water and food before going in. Legoland is much more fun than Tievoli in Copenhagen, and it's still expanding its new projects, and it's refreshing. We also booked the theme hotel next to it, which was misled by the publicity, the hotel does not sell tickets, you have to buy tickets from the ticket office at the gate on the same day, which is very delayed, of course, unless you are in the first line, you can be quite light. This year's ticket has increased to 399 (children's ticket), I and the children can't go in, saved the ticket money, gave two children to go in to spend, everyone is happy, will not be tired. I think since come to Denmark, Legoland is a must see."