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  • Capitol Reef National Park

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    52 Scenic Dr, Torrey, UT, United States‎ 0.1 ft NMap

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    Dome Reef National Park is located in central Utah, USA. The Dome Reef is a park on the fault zone of the Colorado Plate that was raised 56 million years ago by crustal movement. It formed a river which never dry all year long - the Flemish River, and gave birth to the full vitality of the Buddha-like tower oasis. The main color in the park is red sandstone, different because there is the Flemish River, added a large green area, so that the landscape is very unique, this side of the road is Gooseneck Bay, a long time from the Flemish River carved a huge valley, Like a goose neck, the cliffs around the valley are withered cypresses, strangely dead branches appear cool and solemn between red stone and blue sky. The park is known for its rocky puddles. The cliffs are covered with puddles, large and small, like the holes in the bottom of the reef, which is why many creatures survive here. Many wild animals live on the rainwater that remains in these puddles.

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