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Liupian MountainNearby City

Liupian Mountain

4.7/559 Reviews
34.2km from Foshan ·
"The photo of the online planted grass for a long time, said to go to the six mountains, this weekend finally to meet friends to accompany me to climb the mountain. Look at the online traffic strategy, subway line 14 to Baiyun Dongping station, then exit A to the 799 bus, to Yongxing Village Exit Station, from here to the mountain is relatively simple, less people, and near the subway station. There are many other mountaineering entrances, see you like to take that route. 1. Yongxing Village. 2, Dashantang Reservoir. 3, Yongtai B2 Exit. 4, Foreign-related College. 5, Phoenix Residence. We chose to go up the mountain from the location of Dashantang Reservoir, starting from watching the Raiders, but walking and finding the wrong way, can not find the mountaineering pass on the Raiders. Later follow the navigation, oneself again random walk, see a big reservoir many uncles in swimming, uncles point to a mountain road, say around this mountain, behind is six mountains. This road is a little difficult to climb, but the road after that is relatively flat and easy to walk, not very strenuous, while walking while taking pictures, and soon to the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain is not very developed, it is relatively simple, the punch point is on the big rock. Not many people came to take pictures at 12 o'clock in the morning, and a batch of outdoor groups came after 12 o'clock. I would like to take a good photo and suggest not to queue early. On the return trip, I plan to take another road, follow others down the mountain, and go to the road of the foreign-related college. The whole road is more sand and stone, a bit slippery. Not very good to walk, and far from the subway station, need to take a long bus to the same and transfer subway, go down the mountain is not recommended to take this side. PS: Remember to bring your own water + dry food. Now for safety, the stone is installed barbed wire, photos are not so good, can only take it ps."