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Jinjiang Valley

137 Reviews
No. 17 of Top Best Things to Do in Fusong
Recommended sightseeing time:1-2 hours
Fusong, Baishan, Jilin, ChinaMap
Phone: 0439-6331900

What travelers say:

20230706 Morning: 1. "Jinjiang Grand Canyon" is located in the "Changbai Mountain" of the 5A scenic spot. Changbai Mountain is a world-famous dormant volcano, is one of the "China's top ten famous mountains", "the first mountain in northeast China", is also the border mountain between China and North Korea, the top of the 16 peaks of the 9 seats in China, and the highest peak "General Peak" (altitude 2,691 meters) including the 7 seats in North Korea. Changbai Mountain was first seen in the "Shanhaijing" more than 4,000 years ago, that is, the fairy mountain. The famous "Tianchi" on the top of the mountain is the largest, deepest and highest crater lake in the world after the eruption of the volcano. It is the source of the Songhua River. One of the world's three major gold water sources, it is also the birthplace of the female true family, is regarded as the holy mountain of the dragon vein by the Jin Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty was banned and protected for more than 200 years, the Qing emperor often came to Changbai Mountain to worship and left poetry, history left Nurhachi, Qing Kangxi Emperor, Qianlong Emperor, Jiaqing Emperor, The footprints of celebrities such as Dao Guangdi, Fan Zhongyan, Du Fu, Xin Qiji, Xu Xiake, Deng Xiaoping, and others, also served as the base of the Northeast Anti-Japanese League during the Anti-Japanese War, and Yang Jingyu and other anti-Japanese national heroes emerged. The scenic area is rich in animal and plant resources, is a filming place for many film and television dramas, integrating viewing, skiing and hot springs, divided into three lines of north slope, west slope and south slope, which are not connected to each other in Changbai Mountain, and belong to the three independent sub-scenes of Changbai Mountain Scenic Area. The west slope contains five areas: Tianchi, "Jinjiang Grand Canyon", "Wangchi", "Alpine Garden", and "Ladder River". ① Address: 200 meters west of the intersection of Shengshan Road and Wangchi Street, Fusong County, Baishan City, Jilin Province (Changbaishan Tourism Distribution Service Center) ② Transportation: No bus, easy to stop by car. ③ peak season: The warmest summer, you can see the azalea sea and the iris in June. ④ Duration: 6 hours. ⑤ Note: Pay attention to the weather forecast before going, so as not to see the Tianchi on cloudy and foggy days. 2. The distribution center on the west slope of Changbai Mountain is in Jianghe Town, Fusong County. It is a direct train departure point to the scenic spot. It is a place that tourists must go, because private cars cannot enter the scenic spot. There are 3 kinds of public transportation to arrive: ① Aircraft: After coming out of "Baishan Changbaishan Airport", there is no airport bus and bus, only taxis to the distribution center 18 kilometers away, and the watch is about 40 yuan, but the driver who is hired usually has a price of more than 50 yuan, and can bargain for 40 yuan. ② Train: "Songjianghe Station" is about 7 kilometers away from the distribution center. If you hit the watch, it is less than 20 yuan, but the local taxi driver is biased towards a price, and you can bargain for 20 yuan. ③ Long-distance bus: "Songjianghe Passenger Transport Station" is about 7 kilometers away from the distribution center. If you take a taxi, the same as above. 3. Jinjiang Grand Canyon needs to return to the transfer center, take the shuttle bus, one-way drive for about 20 minutes, enter the Grand Canyon boardwalk and turn around the original road, the total length is less than 2 kilometers. The formation of the canyon is made of accumulations after the eruption of the volcano more than 1,000 years ago, cut by the river that has been continuously shuttled for many years, the deepest depth is 100 meters, and the width is up to 200-300 meters. The canyon boardwalk is above the canyon, overlooking the deep canyon below, and the legs can not help but be a little soft.

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