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Address: Via Cirillo Salaorni, 10, Garda, Italy
Phone: 045 725 5594

What people are saying:

Something went wrong, Xiao Ningbo took the wrong road, and when he went wrong, he drove to Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy. The lake is really big and beautiful. It depends on the green hills, the lake is green, and many people play sailing boats on the lake. Many cyclists around the lake ride around the lake. I have passed through a lot of tunnels and are still by the lake. The tunnels in Italy are very scenic, and most of them are open. The small towns by the lake are also one after another. The town is quiet and tidy, and the buildings are very beautiful. Little Ningbo and LP can no longer resist the temptation. They can't park their cars and stop in a small town. I don’t know if the town we are staying in is Sirmione where we were going, but it’s pretty good.