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Sofiero Castle and GardensNearby City

Sofiero Castle and Gardens

4.5/513 Reviews
183.4km from Glamsbjerg ·
"Sophiro Castle Garden Perhaps it is already familiar with European castles. Entering the Sophiro Castle Gardens, there is no special feeling about the castle itself. The large velvety green lawn, coupled with the century-old trees that are just right to dot it, makes people appreciate it. The royal style of this garden. What's more worth mentioning is that there are more than 500 kinds of flowers in the back garden. The flowers are really beautiful, and the most eye-catching is the rhododendron. According to reports, various types of rhododendrons come from China, Japan, Turkey and other countries. Of course, there are many new varieties cultivated through grafting and improvement over the past 100 years. Therefore, some rhododendrons here look like Chinese rhododendrons at first, but they are more than 1.80 meters tall, with thick and dense branches, and the diameter of the flowers is more than double the former, far exceeding the female parent. The flowers and colors are particularly gorgeous and beautiful, especially when the flowers of various colors gather together, which gives a shocking visual impact. To borrow the analogy of Mr. Wang Zengqi’s crape myrtle flower, “There are many flowers on a branch. There are countless branches on a tree. It’s really chaotic. The chaos is in red. The chaos is in a mess. It’s like a group of kindergarten children let go and again. The high, crisp little voices screamed together. "Imagine what a joyous scene a group of young children would be together. Coupled with the exquisite and decent overall garden design, it deserves to be named as the best garden in Europe in 2011. Compared with the garden, the interior of the castle is average in terms of decoration and furniture. It can be seen that the royal family does not blindly pursue luxury in their lives. Some of the arts and crafts on display are also quite clever and exquisite, which is worth seeing."