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Address: Via Regina, 22011 Griante Como, Italy

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A small town hidden outside Taoyuan. Think about it. A few years ago, I was still traveling and making friends from various parties, but now I am trapped in the cage of pursuing a career. Youth is just those few years, and I have a good grasp of it. Now if you want to leave barely and go out for a long-term trip, you have a lot more concerns. So I took annual leave and lived in a small town for a week to balance my mood. Cadenabbia is a small city located on the shores of Lake Como. The small city has rows of white villas and green trees. The air is very fresh and natural. This is definitely the best place for me to run in the morning! The scenery is also very beautiful. It is not the feeling of Xiaojiabiyu in the south of the Yangtze River. It is more of a kind of grandeur. If you rent a car to swim in the ancient road, open the window, feel the wind flying by your ears, and see the green trees on both sides slowly moving backwards, the quiet European-style buildings are looming, and the fairyland on earth is just like this. It was really A different kind of feeling. I often sit on a chair and look at the scenery while listening to the song, or flipping through a magazine, like being isolated from the world. Even though the traffic is busy outside, I am peaceful and peaceful! In fact, isn't tourism like this? To let myself feel the local culture, I am not going to the landmarks to check in one by one. After going there, everything is so impressive and unforgettable.

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