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"A must-have guide for taking photos in Seoul. I really came to take photos while traveling in Seoul. Seoul is the capital of South Korea and it is also a very famous economic tourism center in South Korea, so I also want to experience it and see if the Obamas are here. As expected~Three-dimensional design-Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) was built by British architects. It is also one of the few non-standard buildings in the world, so it is naturally favored by domestic and foreign tourists. . I came here because I like design very much, so I want to see its style. It is a three-dimensional building, so it is very three-dimensional. Our family has been here for a long time to admire its peculiar shape. Its appearance is like a spaceship, without a pillar inside. Our family stayed here for a long time and took a lot of photos. It is also a place for tourists to take pictures. Opening hours: 7:00~19:00 Suggested play time: 2~3 hours Romantic sacred place-Starry Sky Library The second stop is also very satisfied. The entire venue of the Starry Sky Library is full of romantic atmosphere. Everything here is very romantic and unique. As soon as I entered, I saw a dazzling array of books, which were really beautiful and neat. We took a lot of photos inside, and the results were really unexpected and surprisingly good, so our family thinks the environment here is very warm, welcome everyone to take photos here, you will have a different experience and different The harvest, the starry sky scene presented as a whole is immersive. Opening hours: 8:00~19:00 Suggested play time: 2~3 hours, the palace of art-Seoul Art Museum has a special collection of domestic and foreign art collections, so it is really unique and a kind of I have experienced the beauty. Our family enjoyed the collection here and took a lot of photos for the collection. It is worth visiting here. Every painting is a story, and every photo is a classic. Our family I have taken pictures one after another. I strongly recommend everyone to come here to watch the works of the art gallery, because they are of special artistic value. Don’t forget to take photos when you come here, because this is not only a memorial but also a reward for your coming here~ Opening hours: 9 :00~21:00 Suggested play time: 2~3 hours, a photo spot for girls' hearts-Hello Kitty Café This is a themed cafe, filled with Hello Kitty figures everywhere, if you are a fan of it, you can come Take a close photo with her here. The coffee taste here is also very unique, but a little expensive, but I hope everyone can like the environment here. The whole environment is very warm. My son likes the cartoon characters very much. He also took a lot of photos here. The pink atmosphere here provides a beautiful experience for everyone. If you also have a girlish heart, you must come here to feel it. Opening hours: 8:00~19:00 Recommended playing time: 2~3 hours Stereoscopic Art Museum-Seoul Trickeye Trickeye 3D Art Museum This is a particularly famous 3D art museum in Seoul. I came here with my friends. In order to feel the atmosphere of 3D art here, I like this atmosphere very much. Everything is very three-dimensional. Taking photos in this three-dimensional environment is really unique. My family took a lot of photos here. I recommend everyone to take photos, especially at the entrance here. It is worth taking photos. There are also many fun 3D art inside. Welcome everyone to check in, and you must take pictures to record your beautiful experience. Opening hours: 9:00~19:00 Suggested play time: 2~3 hours of ethereal experience-Soma Art Museum The Soma Art Museum feels very atmospheric and tidy. So when I came here, I was really surprised because it is very big and the venue is also very wide. I asked my husband to take a lot of photos for me. It really makes people feel very advanced. Most of the artworks displayed here are the works of the artist Mr. Bai Nanhuai. We have all visited and found that it is very high-end. The outside of the art gallery is also a sculpture park. It is also suitable for taking pictures outside. Our family took pictures with the art gallery in the background. The photos are really three-dimensional. Opening hours: 7:00~19:00 Suggested play time: 2~3 hours Retro architectural style-Laterier Art Experience Space This is a retro-style architectural modification and turned into a current art gallery. The design here is also very good It's beautiful. I like it very much. My family took a lot of art exhibitions here. With its wall as the background, I really like it very much. It can accommodate a lot of tourists, so there is a constant stream of tourists. We also met many artists when we took photos. They also took photos here. We asked them to take a few photos for us. It really feels very good if you I also want to experience it and act quickly. Opening hours: 8:00~18:00 Suggested play time: 2~3 hours. It’s really amazing to have so many art galleries. When taking pictures, one place is more advanced than one, and one more time is more important. Wonderful, if you are also excited, come and punch in, welcome everyone to come here to play~"