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Guilin Yang National Tropical Agriculture ParkClosed

Guilin Yang National Tropical Agriculture Park

3.8/514 Reviews
"City Park"
Ranked #2 in Haikou Great Urban Parks
16.1km from city centre
"Visitor Center: 1. One-day self-driving tour of Guilinyang Agricultural Park: Business hours: 9:00~17:30 Keywords: picking, leisure, parent-child, popular research, beautiful countryside, self-driving navigation: Baidu map to locate Guilinyang National Tropical Agricultural Park Regarding parking: Agricultural DreamWorks Car Park (Parking is free)-Play Guide-① There are various activities suitable for parent-child play in the park, such as bumper cars, ocean balls, trampolines, four-season skiing... Parents are at the same time relaxing We can also spend time, there will be a dinosaur exhibition during the National Day. ② Internet celebrities check in and take photos of Shennong's sculptures, the sea of pink flowers, the rural scenery of Gaoshan Village, the glass greenhouse of DreamWorks, the King of Snow Mountain Paradise, and the flower restaurant. ③I am tired of shopping souvenirs, food, and fruit ice cream. When I go to more sea view homestays, the family comes to the park to slow down, which is a relaxing holiday choice. 2. I booked discounted tickets online on October 11, and invited friends to go shopping together. We mainly fancy the outdoor pastoral scenery and amusement park here. They are the children’s favorites. Every time they come, they have a very happy time. In addition, the weather is sunny in autumn, so I can take a walk in the park and feel the beauty of Gaoshan Village "The village is in the garden, and the home is in the scenery". I feel very beautiful..."