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Sanmenpo Culture Square

Sanmenpo Culture Square

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42.1km from city centre
"Sanmenpo has always been known as the town of Lichee, but there are many good food here, such as this Yuelai Old Duck Soup, which is a famous dish (I unilaterally declared hahaha) for my mother who likes to drink the old duck soup, this shop is her frequent visit. And my brother often asked me when I was at home, whether to go to Sanmenpo from red flag to drink old duck soup. -Speaking of which, the shop is also a fly shop, although the facade and decoration are quite old and simple. It belongs to the outlander drive by, not easy to see the shop. - but it's a lot of locals like to come to the store. U1S1's old duck soup really smells very strong! With pineapple, the soup also has a sweetness! This is probably the charm of the soup is so cry-to keep kids apart! - Listen to my brother, this shop was opened in his school days. When I came to Sanmenpo car practice, I often came to eat with the coach. Every time I come back, I see local workers come to the end of a busy day, and gather here to drink a bowl of old duck soup, shave the duck sausage, drink and chat, and the day goes by. Occasionally there are families like us who don't have time or want to cook, and drive to eat the old duck soup hot pot. - Order a 20-dollar tender duck sausage, add a pineapple honey, and a plate of pickled fish, and a few bowls of rice. It's a cheap and delicious meal... Big satisfaction! A few people gathered around eating hot pot of hot pineapple-melancholic soup, which can be eaten in summer and winter, chatting and the days slowly passed. This is the leisurely life of the town and the memory of generations of food. - After coming out to work, it's almost half a year since I went to eat the old duck soup. I miss the taste so much! I don't care, I will eat it in the past National Day! - Recommended: Old Duck Soup Hot Pot (the shop sign) A pineapple honey is a classic eating method, the duck sausage is very fresh, the weight is very large, and the sweet and sour fish is a food that I feel very delicious when I was a child! The fish is crisp and crisp, very delicious! - Per capita: 40-50 Yuan (Fengyu by people) full! Address: Yuelai Duck Shop, Sanmenpo Town, Qiongshan District (You can navigate or ask the locals!)"