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Baohu RidgeNearby City

Baohu Ridge

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57.2km from Haikou ·
"Hainan Travel | Have you ever seen the pink sunrise rising in the sea? Hello, dears, I'm still your pear wood ah ah ah ah! A female photographer living in Hainan Island for the 11th year ~ (Always stop suddenly after a busy period, and start thinking about life, about: What kind of small goal do you want to achieve this year? Where do you want to go ~? Or, how can you train your vest? Haha, pull away ~ (Recently, there has been a strong interest in a new field, that is, niche wears, is fascinated by the clothes with a unique design sense, you can watch the clothes of various niche brand designers day and night ~ and then, close your eyes, There are many, many inspirations ~ (but I don't know how to draw and how to express them, so I started to modify my clothes, those clothes that have passed many times without freshness to them ~ hope I have the courage to take pictures and share them with me. You see ~) The place to share today is my second time. The first time was in August 2020. I started the self-driving tour around Hainan Island for the first time. This is the first stop of my island tour ~ Baohuling. This time I came to camp with my parents. (There are two previous stories about camping here) This one, mainly sharing, on the morning of waking up by the sea, see beautiful like a dream sunrise, what is it to feel? Yes, at the sunrise at 6:45 in the morning, I woke up naturally at 6:20, then, pull the tent zip, see a little pink sunrise, in the dark blue morning light, too gentle ~ Then hurry to put on your clothes, barefoot without combing your head, and run to the sea with the camera tripod... The camera is far from Can shoot the beauty that the real eyes see, as if entering the dream I dreamed about a year ago, the pink sunrise, the white-flowered waves, the fresh air, in addition to the sound of the waves, the surrounding quiet as if time is still ~ If you have the opportunity, you must experience it once. Seeing the sunrise ~ address by the sea: Navigation to: Wenchang City, Hainan Province Baohujiao Traffic: Self-driving, driving from the city of Haikou for about an hour and a half ~ Tickets: Free more than, it is today's sharing, if you like my photos, remember the three companies + Guan [zhu] ~•Later, I will share various [Hainan niche attractions] various [niche designer brand clothes wear and match], and various [high-value hotels] and so on... • What, your trip to Hainan is enjoyable, and I have taken a lot of beautiful photos! #Hainan Travel Raiders #Hainan Little Travels Spot #Haikou Photo Exploration #Hainan Self-Driven Tour #Hainan Roundabout Travel #Hainan Photo Photo Holy Land #Hainan Net Red Photo Photo Holy Land #Hainan Net Red Spot #Sanya Travel Raiders #Sanya Spot #Sanya Little Spot #Sanya Photo Cards # Island holiday wear # Hainan Travel Photographer # Haikou Travel Appropriation # Hainan Women Photographer # Sanya Photographer # Sanya Appropriation # Hainan Little Travel Raiders # Where to go on weekends # Holiday Wear #"