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Nandu River

Nandu River

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14.7km from city centre
"Nandu River is the mother river of Hainan Island. Also called Nandu River, ancient called Limu Water. The largest river in Hainan Island, China. The Nanwa River originated from the southern peak of Mt. Nankai in the southern part of the nankai go, Hainan Province, and the main stream flows through the northern part of Hainan Island, and it flows to the nanboku Strait in the three communities of mitsuran ward, Haikou City, through the city of shirasa, tsuranaka, tsuranshu, tsuranmai, tsuranmai, and so on. This section of Haikou Qiongshan District is South Crossing the River. I think the scenery is very beautiful. There is Hairui Bridge, a historic bridge and a iron bridge. You can take a sunrise in the morning and a sunset in the afternoon. The whole Binjiang Road and the South crossing the river, Binjiang Road zonal park tropical plants rich, the riverbank repair clean and neat, the scenery. The morning air is fresh, sunrise beautiful, more people come to run here. South crossing the river, water grass rich, often there are buffalo, scalpers to eat grass here. Quiet river bank, a idyllic scenery is pleasant. Sunny, sitting by the river reading, really a happy feeling. The skyscrapers rising from the shore reflected in the water, let people imagine in the dream. Can be the river with the Buffalo foreground, photograph the Nandu River panorama. The background can be the distant skyscrapers reflection, Hairui Bridge and so on. Choose a beautiful city, slowly taste her time. Years are beautiful, it takes a lifetime to feel and understand. Address: Navigation Hairui Bridge Cost: Free travel"
Wanquan RiverNearby City

Wanquan River

4.4/5271 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Qionghai Can't Miss Attractions
87.7km from Haikou ·
"[Scenic] Wanquan River, ancient called Duohe, the third largest river in Hainan Island, Hainan Island, China, Hainan Province, the east of Hainan Island. Wanquan River has two sources: the South Branch of Lehui water as the main stream, 109 kilometers long, originated from the Wuzhishan Linbei Village Nanling. The North Branch of Ding'an Water, the source of the south of Limu Ridge. The two waters meet at the mouth of Qionghai City, then called Wanquan River, via Jiaji to Boao into the South China Sea. The total length of 157 km (another 162, 163 km), the watershed area of 3683 square kilometers. During the agrarian revolutionary war, 1931 3 16, the Soviet government of Qionghai County (at that time rakuhui Prefecture) in the Manquan River Basin established the red women's army company, and on the same year 5 1, it was reorganized into the second independent division of the Chinese Red Army 3 group women's army special company. It is a female fighting force under the Red Three Regiment of Qiongya Column, led by Feng Baiqi. This is the world-famous "red women's army", who was used as a cover in the second anti-encirclement of Qiongya Soviet Area, and was known throughout the country for being adapted into a ballet, "red women's army". The typical tropical rainforest landscape and the beautiful landscape of the river are breathtaking. The Wanquan River is a tropical river of China, which is not polluted and has a beautiful ecological environment. It is known as the Amazon River in China. The seaside beaches are white and soft, and the seaside beaches are evaluated as one of the best tourist attractions in the world."
Duohe Culture Valley Tourist AreaNearby City

Duohe Culture Valley Tourist Area

4.2/570 Reviews
Ranked #15 in Qionghai Can't Miss Attractions
89.5km from Haikou ·
"Qionghai multi-he river cultural valley scenic spot is located in brave village of Xinghai South Road, Qionghai, covering an area of more than 160 acres. The scenic spot was built in 1986. It was evaluated as "Hainan 10 special scenic spots in 2011" and "Hainan Qianli Island Cultural Demonstration Point". The scenic spot is the only one in Hainan with Hainan Mother River Wanquan River. The theme of local culture. Duohe is the historical name of Wanquan River. The scenic area is divided into three main contents through red humanities culture, green ecological culture and blue ocean culture. 1. Understanding the historical origin of the name of Wanquan River, the name of the river is called Wanquan River. Follow the story of the beautiful love story of the mother of the river of Wanquan and the story of the Yuan Wenzong which occurred on the banks of many rivers more than 600 years ago. 2. Visit the Wanquan River in the Agricultural Expo Hall, appreciate the Wanquan River's unique folk houses, traditional farming culture, rich overseas Chinese culture, and appreciate the Wanquan River's marvelous culture in the Blue Museum, and realize the wonderful life. Follow the culture of fishermen of Qionghai Tanmen, the children of Wanquan River, explore the splendor of the ancient maritime Silk Road, and uncover the secrets of the four islands of the South China and West Shahe. 3. Experience the experience of participating in the local folk custom of Hainan, which represents the folk custom culture of the military slope festival, which has been handed down over 1300 years. Feel the mysterious experience of eating the military slope, marching the military slope and rioting the military slope!"