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Ferris Wheel
Symphony Ferris WheelNearby City

Symphony Ferris Wheel

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"Ferris Wheel"
Ranked #10 in Zhongshan Can't Miss Attractions
192.2km from Heyuan ·
"The Sky Wheel is located in Xingzhong Square, the landmark building of Zhongshan City, is the highest Ferris wheel in Zhuxi. It is 108 meters high and has 36 transparent cockpits. Each cabin can accommodate tourists 6-8 people, can accommodate 288 passengers at the same time, the cabin is equipped with cold and warm air conditioning, rotation for about 20 minutes a week, will accommodate nearly 800 people per hour "air" rotation to see the beauty of Zhongshan City. The diameter of the Sky Wheel is 83 meters, reaching the highest point, the height from the ground can reach about 110 meters, equivalent to the height of 32 floors, will take passengers to the unobstructed, the sky blue sky, passengers can see the 10 kilometers from the window. The phantom ferris wheel locates the city landmark landscape of sightseeing, entertainment and consumption, and becomes a landscape along the Lijiang River. The Ferris wheel is located on the 4-story building of Section C of Xingzhong Square. It has 36 pods, each pod can take up to 8 tourists, and can hold 288 people from high altitude to overlook the river and the river banks. According to the design standard, the Spectral Wheel design speed is about 0.2 m/sec and takes 20.9 minutes to rotate for a week. The wheel will adopt the strip-band technology, and its appearance is the reference to the world's highest Ferris wheel, Singapore's "flyer" design."