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Architecture & Landmarks
Longjiang Academy

Longjiang Academy

4.7/521 Reviews
"Historical Architecture"
Ranked #19 in Jinggangshan Can't Miss Attractions
33.8km from city centre
"Longjiang Academy was built in 1840. This academy, backed by the Five Tiger Mountains and facing the Longjiang River, was built by the Hakka people. The academy sits from the southwest to the northeast. It has a mixed structure of brick and wood, with a bucket-shaped beam frame, a hard gable wall, and a roof with yin-yang tiles. It is a group of buildings that are arranged symmetrically on the central axis with three groups from front to back, left, middle and right. The width of the pass is 38.16 meters, the depth of the pass is 53.40 meters, and it covers an area of 20377 square meters. On the central axis, the foyer, Mingdaotang and Wenxing Pavilion are arranged in sequence. There are Qixiuzhai, Zhenxizhai, Jinxinzhai, Baogong Temple, Shufangzhai, Tiyunzhai, Buyuezhai, and Chongwen Temple on the left and right. The buildings of the academy are uneven, with scattered patios and collusion of corridors. It is commonly known as "Nine Wells and Eighteen Halls". It has architectural features suitable for ventilation, lighting and drainage in the Jiangnan mountain area. In 1928, the first phase of the officer teaching team of the Workers’ and Peasants Revolutionary Army was opened in Longjiang Academy. On April 28, 1928, Mao Zedong and Zhu De met for the first time in the academy. The main leaders of the two armies went to the Xing Pavilion for cordial talks. As a result, Longjiang Academy was known as the "cradle of military and political academies" and "Zhu Mao Meeting the Holy Land"."