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Observation Deck


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"Observation Deck"
26.7km from city centre
"Kangding, a world-renowned historical and cultural city; a running horse mountain, famous five states and the four seas; a "Kangding love song" the ancient song, drunk the world. Kangding is not only a love song, beautiful and petite Kangding City, there are many scenery worth remembering, 1️⃣ Stingcuo Kangding Airport actually hides a beautiful plateau Shenhu Guo Stingcuo. And in front of Gongga Snow Mountain, behind Qingyun Shenshan, the location is really amazing. 2️⃣ Provincial Road S434 China's most beautiful airport road (Rainbow Road) stands on the road overlooking the snowy mountains, in the blue sky and white clouds, as if in a beautiful painting. 3️⃣ Another alpine lake near Kangding Airport, the Red Seazi (plus the wax) alpine lake and the snowy mountains are reflected in a spectacular way. 4️⃣ Tagong grassland passes through the alpine mountains, crosses the flocks of cattle and sheep, and comes to Tagong grassland, with a rich Tibetan style. 5️⃣ The graphite park is known as "Bermuda, China", and the unique geology is breathtaking and the photos are super nice. 6️⃣ The golden tower of Muya Dasi shines in the sun, with a row of white towers in the foreground, and behind the magnificent Yala Snow Mountain, constitutes an unparalleled beautiful picture. 7️⃣ Folding the mountainous Panshan Highway here is a veritable nine curves and eighteen curves. It is beautiful to stand in the colorful pass of the colorful meandering pass overlooking the snowy mountains under the blue sky. 🏔️ Tour route: From Chengdu, it is recommended that a route not go back: Chengdu Kangdingyu Red Sea Zikangding Airport | Sting Cuo Jiangba Village, Yantagong Temple, Yanta Gongyuan, Yanta Gongyuan, Yanta Gongyuan, Yanta Gongyuan, Yanta Gongyuan, Yanta Gongyuan, Yanta Gongyuan, Yanta Gongyuan, Yanta Ma Village, Yanta Malong Village, Yanta Malong Village, Yanta Malong Village, Yanta Malong Village, Yanta Malong Village, Yanta Malong Village, Yanta Ma This route just circled around the Tagong grasslands, and you can clearly see Yarra Shenshan and Qingqing Shenshan at all points, without going back. 🛎 Tips: High altitude, average self-image about 2900 meters, Stingcuo up to 4100 meters. So the best precautions for altitude reaction! # May Day Near Travel Diary #Happy Restart Plan"
Dawa MountainNearby City

Dawa Mountain

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"Observation Deck"
Ranked #3 in Leshan Stunning Lookouts
126.1km from Kangding ·
"The Dawa Mountain, which is called "Three Exceptions in the Middle of Yunnan", is located in Jinkouhe District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, at 3236 meters above sea level. It looks like a giant ship with a fantastic view and is extremely spectacular. From Jinkouhe district, you can cross Daduhe canyon along provincial road 306, or you can walk around Dawashan along Lexi Highway, along which the scenery is different and has different characteristics. There are big Tianchi, small Tianchi, dry pond, sorghum pool and fish pond Wudalian pool, in the ribbon-like distribution, like five jasper scattered among the human world, has been unified into the free Dawashan National Wetland Park. In this park, located in the mountainous area of the southwest edge of the Sichuan basin, the wetland has rich landscape, and is a well-preserved "natural ecology museum" and "wildlife gene bank". The Great Wa Mountains, such as the sudden sky, and tiles on the top of the mountains, and tile roofs, Emei echoed, into a three-legged stand. In 1878, the American explorer Berber climbed the Great Wa Mountains, calling it "the world's most magical natural park." The mountain is surrounded by cliffs ranging from 800 meters to 1600 meters, only the northern end of the Gunlonggang, through wooden ladders to reach the top of the mountain, and the "from ancient Huashan Road", its steep and steep. The basalt, dolomite, and ancient glacier landscapes, such as the intact glacier valley and ice bucket, formed by the eruption of the Paleozoic volcanoes, are amazing."