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Ya'an Ecology MuseumNearby City

Ya'an Ecology Museum

2/51 Reviews
105.7km from Kangding ·
"The museums in my hometown are always late, and people are always blind to the things around them, as is the ecological museum hidden in the Gaochun Cultural Park. Ya'an is not Chengdu, do not need to meet the needs of millions of citizens, a long-term construction of a vast museum to show the mountains and sea basin, the lives of all things change for a hundred million years, only a quiet place, decoration some Yazhou characteristics products, can open the door, decorate the appearance. The main animal is of course the origin of the giant panda Deng Chigou, many years ago to the Catholic Church Deng Chigou to see the first panda specimen, the Frenchman David is not known, today has been the ecological blog into the hall of the large color photographs. As a symbol of Ya'an, the museum has built a multi-scenes panda ecology around the museum and is equipped with some specimens of other animals. But the venue is really small. In addition to the sword-toothed fossils entering the door, there is basically nothing to see. The opposite pavilion is sporadicly exhibiting Mengding Mountain Tea Culture and Kang. Zhuang culture, there is no more than half can be described, it is the smallest ecological museum I have been to, should be called ecological museum exhibition more appropriate. Can not be because of the hometown people on the bias, two stars, I hope that the leadership more attention, more funding to expand the point, for Ya'an children to provide a place for students to know, on the way can stop to see."
Tiedaobing MuseumNearby City

Tiedaobing Museum

5 Reviews
130km from Kangding ·
"Leshan is actually hiding a Sichuan only water highway, is a relatively cold place, and the most important is that it is not only free to open, but only free to Chinese tourists. Location: #Jinkouhe Grand Canyon: 50 meters west of Provincial Road 306, Jinkouhe District, Leshan City, Leshan City, need to drive by yourself 2.5h. Drive along the Dadu River all the way, with the mountains on both sides becoming more and more high and steep, the water is becoming greener and greener. After the service point of the scenic spot, I slowly saw the water road running across the river, which was quite shocking visually. Playing method: 1 The water road is very shocking, but it is not recommended to park P and take pictures on the road. The speed is very fast here, it is still very dangerous, there is a observation deck on the mountain to take pictures. 2 There is a "railway museum" in the middle of the road, and it is necessary to drive through a very primitive cave, without lights, and very feeling. There are many railway cultural exhibitions in the museum, and there are also restaurants at the door to eat. The path down the mountain at the exit of the museum is the shooting point of my Figure 1. There are several iron cable bridges on both sides of the 3rd, and the photo is not bad. One of the observation decks can also see the train roaring across the shore. 4 At present, because of the road repair, it is in the state of broken, at the end of the right hand side, there is a cave, connected to the railway, you can go in and experience. The 5th Grand Canyon Visitor Center can take a boat trip to the canyon and have a different experience. There is also a hotel on the riverside, which is a place to eat with a river view, but the decoration is a bit 80s. Finally, it is only 90 kilometers away from #Heizhugou. You can arrange it. You don't want to drive. There are also many groups that leave for 3 days and 2 nights in Chengdu. Going to Leshan, there are not only big Buddha and food, but also this niche destination. #Chengdu periphery#Chengdu niche photo punch card#Waterway#The most beautiful waterway#Chengdu self-driving tour#Leshan tour#Three days and two nights travel plan"