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Jin Kou GorgeNearby City

Jin Kou Gorge

4.3/5105 Reviews
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Ranked #6 in Leshan Amazing Natural Scenery
129.8km from Kangding ·
"Beautiful world-class canyon landscape. Make people handy unique geology book. Feel the spirit of the railway soldiers. On both sides of the Dadu River, is literally wall-mounted thousand-foot, many places are almost completely vertical. The water left a clear mark on the rock wall, one layer of books, each layer recorded the long-lasting changes of time, let people move. Come to the Grand Canyon, the first sunny day, the next rain, the first day driving, the next day boating. When the sky is clear, the sky is high, the cliffs are high, the river is broken gold ten thousand points, the water highway is like a long rainbow, stretching far; the rain clouds and fogs, mysterious, large and small waterfalls like long practice when the sky, from the cloud to flow straight down, some even directly poured into the highway. The most striking part of the canyon is a huge mountain body, like a sitting Buddha overlooking all living things, rain or shine, not sad or unhappy. But Buddha, God, thousands of years, people are in deep water, but ignored, ignored. Never have there been any saviors, nor do they rely on the gods or the emperors, they are the party, the brave and fearless railway soldiers, when the road is opened at the mountain, when the water bridges, with sweat and life, created the Chengkun railway this miracle on earth, for the Liangshan people paved the first out of the mountain, out of poverty the heavenly road! The main character here is not the magnificent Dawa Mountain, nor the rolling Dadu River, but the railway crossing the mountains, the spirit of the railway soldiers, will be forever! One is not careful to say far, or to say something useful: One is to recommend the Grand Canyon Hotel in Jinkouhe City, the conditions are good, and the stay is very satisfied. The other is to recommend to take a cruise ship, spacious, standardized, open for an hour, some viewing angles are not driving or walking. Third, you can go to the Railroad Museum, the only country, and can eat and live nearby. Fourth, if you have enough time, you can climb the mountain near the village of Gulu to see, light from the bottom to the top view is limited, not enough to appreciate the grand canyon's deep and magnificent."