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Doris McCarthy TrailNearby City

Doris McCarthy Trail

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225.7km from Kingston ·
"[Sights Raiders] Every time after heavy snow, it is a good time to take a picture. Located in Toronto Scarborough, Ontario east of the Lake Ontario lake, the Passage is a small and nice attraction. It needs to be reached from Doris McCarthy Trail this trail. The trail entrance is not big and there is no exclusive parking lot. The trail is not long, it is not long to walk. The trees along the road are straight and tall, plus the snow of cotton the day before, as if into the romantic scene of the movie. The trail is actually along the Bellamy Ravine Creek stream leading to the lake. Although it is snowy, the stream still flows, as if it entered the calendar picture. Highlight feature: Going to the lake to catch sight is a striking fish bone sculpture Passage, to commemorate the artist Doris McCarthy. The fish bones are in the sun, and the lake view is the background, and the photo is very good. It is a good day, and the clouds and blue sky are very like the aurora feeling. You can take a large film of beautiful scenery on your mobile phone. Love the natural scenery and love the romantic baby, here is really worth the time to punch the small tips: the road has a certain angle, the trail to the lake is downhill, the return is uphill. It is best to wear shoes with better grip, otherwise the downhill will slip and hard to walk. The lake is relatively colder, the wind is relatively strong, and you can do a good job of keeping warm. The phone will consume power faster in the colder place, and it is more convenient to bring a charging treasure. Detailed address: Doris McCarthy Trail,Toronto ON M1M 1H2 Traffic Raiders: Open time for self-driving: 24 hours ticket price: free"