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Gudauri Ski ResortNearby City

Gudauri Ski Resort

4.6/512 Reviews
"Outdoor skiing"
149.3km from Kutaisi · Gudauri
"The Oge Monument is actually the viewing platform of the canyon, right on the border between Russia and Georgia. I have to say that the scenery of the canyon is really magnificent. The monument is also very distinctive, subverting the original impression of a pillar of the sky. It is a ring-shaped building made of boulders, with exquisite murals on it, rich in color, and a scene of singing and dancing. The monument between this vast world and earth shines with color as always, but thinking about the relationship between the two countries today, in addition to admiring the stunning nature of the beautiful scenery, it will breed some regrets. The two countries have experienced so much. Georgians should feel embarrassed when they see this monument, but history is history after all. Maybe it will be reconciled a few years later? Looking far away, the surrounding scenery is truly unparalleled. The red mountain peaks in the distance are looming, the sunlight penetrates the clouds, and the heart is refreshing. The tears of the Caucasus are like emeralds inlaid in the mountains. The beauty is so beautiful. And to be exciting. In fact, this is also the most famous snow town in Georgia, a ski resort in the eyes of Europeans. There is a path below the monument, which allows you to get close contact. The front of the mountain is unobstructed, and there is a vast abyss below. It is really a small view of the mountains. The scenery of Transcaucasus is indeed a worthwhile trip!"