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Flea Market Dry BridgeNearby City

Flea Market Dry Bridge

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184.3km from Kutaisi ·
"The Nariqala Fortress is the oldest defense fortress in Georgia, a ruined wall but considered by the Tbilisis to be the "heart and soul of the city." The huge cross looks down upon the city and stands like a god. Enjoyed the sunset from here and it was wonderful to have a glass of wine in hand. Take the city cable car once and get a glimpse of Tbilisi colors in the air. Take the cable car to the mother fort and enjoy the panoramic view of Tbilisi for only 2 Larrys. From this perspective, Tbilisi has a romantic dream of streets and buildings, both old Europa style and magical streamlining of modern buildings, inundating the terrain. In the Holy Trinity Church, the largest Orthodox church in the entire Caucasus, the church is said to have a dome wrapped in pure gold and spontaneous donations from believers. It can be seen from anywhere in Tbilisi. If you're lucky, you'll also have a church wedding, sacred and solemn, surrounded by churches, where worshipers kiss the icons devoutly. The Dry Bridge Market is an open-air junk market for some of the old and interesting items in the Dry Bridge Market, which is said to be an open-air junk market after the collapse of the Soviet Union, people in Tbilisi are selling their used goods and slowly forming a market, most of which are their own paintings and used paintings Fleas, old antiques, old Soviet-era objects, medallions, stamps, money, old film cameras, if you have a good eye, you can still find a lot of good. Go to the puppet leaning tower to see the whole point of the puppet ringing bell. Georgia's oldest puppet theater, nearly 40 years old, is a bizarrely leaning tower, actually a bell tower, every hour, the windows will open, inside the dolls will come out to ring the bell. Puppet shows are quite popular here, buy tickets on site almost can not buy the same day's play, if you want to see the puppet show, buy in advance. A sulphur bath for royalty in Tbilisi means "warm", named for its unique sulphur spa, so it's a place to experience the sulphur bath. Under the dome of a large bun, a bathroom, comfortable lying on the marble of massage, soaking away the tired tired of the day. "Eat a big meal, the meat lovers' paradise-style food is a big meat, and friends who like meat can eat it fast and fast. Introduce the big bun Khinkali, also known as Georgian dumplings, which contains all kinds of meat, with potatoes or mushrooms and so on." Like domestic soup bags, but not greasy, bit a small hole, wantonly sucked soup juice, meat delicious overflow. A cup of coffee is a favorite place for Tbilisi's young people to gather in the streets of Fabrika, where the niche is now popular, the street is full of graffiti, colours, bars, cafes, handmade shops to visit. Another coffee and a great day out!"