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Kinchkha WaterfallNearby City

Kinchkha Waterfall

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29.4km from Kutaisi ·
"Unlocking a new location for camping and expeditions After I came to Kinchkhaperdi, I learned about the highest waterfall in the area, Kinchkha Waterfall, and set off in a clear blue sky, looking forward to seeing a rainbow. During the tour, I started walking slowly towards the top of the mountain from the winding mountain path. Soon after, a section of high-altitude wooden road appeared in front of him, overhead between the cliffs and green trees. One side was fixed by an iron chain. I held the railings on both sides with both hands and stepped onto the wooden path. The view was very wide. The wooden path and the leaves were mixed together, making the road ahead very mysterious. Looking down from the right side, there is still some height. After walking through the wooden path, the waterfall is in front of me. The rushing water collides and rushes down the cliff. The blue water attracts me like sea water, and I want to hold a hand and play. The local guide said that if we are physically strong, we can climb to the top of the mountain, and the mountain top scenery there is also very distinctive. But we went straight down the mountain and came to the bottom of the waterfall, splashing water droplets jumping everywhere. Then they gathered and spread from the ground all the way around, like crossed streams. Some camping tents have been set up on the flat ground not far away. It is indeed a natural place for camping with friends. Warm reminder Wearing comfortable shoes is more conducive to climbing. I heard that when spring comes here, the height of the waterfall is the highest. Remember to take care of the local natural environment."