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Big Ice: Viaje al Centro del Glaciar

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Address: El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina

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If there must be a reason to go to Argentina, then my answer is: I am here for the Moreno Glacier! Argentina is rich in tourism resources. There are not only Ushuaia, the end of the world, but also the famous Iguazu Falls. However, I have a soft spot for El Calafate, because here is not only the same romantic Ai The small town of Karafat, and the big ice hike that I want to realize the most in my life! We entered El Calafate, Argentina by land from Puerto Nasles, Chile. On the first day, we booked a bus ticket to the Moreno Glacier on the second day and booked a big ice hike online in advance. Moreno Glacier is at the southern tip of South America, one of the few living glaciers that are still advancing in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina. Moreno Glacier is 20 stories high, stretches 30 kilometers, and has a history of 200,000 years. So when we first saw it, we were already shocked, but what I look forward to is the hike the next day, because I can walk on this 200,000-year-old glacier, and I am very excited to think about it! People who want to get close to the Moreno Glacier generally have three different choices: mini trekking, a low-difficulty challenge. Although they can climb and merge, they will not walk into the glacier, and they cannot feel the purest and most spectacular. The glacier big ice, which is our choice, is actually quite difficult, because crampons will be worn. When necessary, the coach will put on a traction rope to ensure your safety while walking, so as not to fall In the ice cave. Cruise is the most relaxing and relaxing one, but the experience is definitely not as good as the previous two. The cost of big ice is about 1500 RMB per person. It is best to prepare a pair of walking shoes, sunglasses and light clothes in advance! It takes about 10 hours from the start to the end, and the trekking time is about 6 hours, which is quite difficult. You can bring some snacks from the town by yourself, because there is no supply during the hike. Although hiking is a big challenge, believe me, if you have ever climbed this glacier yourself in your lifetime, it must be something to be proud of for a lifetime. What is a fairyland on earth, I think only here can truly deserve this praise! Tips: Argentina visa: now Argentina has opened electronic visas, you only need to hold a visa from a designated developed country to apply for electronic visas. The peak season starts in November every year, and you must start applying one month in advance. Transportation: There is an airport in the small town of El Calafate. If you enter the country by land like me, there is a bus directly to the Chilean border.

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