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Seebad Luzern

1 Reviews
"Water Sports"
Recommended sightseeing time:2-3 hours
Address:Nationalquai, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland

What travelers say:

The last stop of the scenic beach in Switzerland, my girlfriends and I came to Seebad Luzern in Lucerne. This is a very scenic beach and the Swiss mountains can be seen here! All in all, the scenery is really great. I think you must visit the beaches when you come to Switzerland. As soon as I came here, my eyes were full of blue water, and it was really beautiful, with vegetation planted on the edge of the water, and behind the famous Swiss mountain. Then we went to the beach. This beach is a hotel located on the edge of the sea. After we checked in inside, we started to play tour~ This bathing place, he used some buildings to form a circle around a corner of the sea, and then there is a super big springboard, my girlfriend tried it, he said It feels very refreshing, jumping into the water on the springboard, it sounds particularly exciting! After we finished swimming, we went for a walk nearby. There is a special trail for tourists to walk nearby. The surrounding area is full of lush green trees. It is like being on a forest trail. I heard from my girlfriends that this seems to be the most beautiful road in Europe. Now, it is indeed very beautiful and makes people linger~ TIPS1. Attraction address: Seebad Luzern 60062. Opening hours: 6 am to 8 pm


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