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Yinggehai Salt Flats

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Recommended Sightseeing Time: 2-3 hours
Address: Ledong, Hainan, China

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Yingge Sea Salt Farm - oh , yeah . A sea of salt, the salt fields of wells and wells gleamed silver. - oh , yeah . Location This is not a scenic area! No tickets are charged! Navigate to "Yingge Sea Salt Farm", now the salt farm inside can not stop, drive the words can park in the street side of the road. Weather ☁️ Huge heat! Breaking hot! Do a good sunscreen uu! I don't know what I am shooting without umbrella. It is recommended to come at 6 pm, not hot, and also take the sunset. My group will come to 5:30 at 4 o'clock and shoot it. There is no one after. Seat 📷 Derelict rail 🛤️ Derelict train 🚞 Silver Baiyan Mountain 🗻 Retrospective Salt Warehouse 🍚 Well Ge Salt Sea 🌊 Can shoot the sky! But it's too hot to shoot without finding the right one. Out of slice tips Colorful clothes! Bright color clothes stand out, sunglasses 🕶️ straw hat 🎩 too out of the film! To be honest, I saw a lot of strategies to not hold too much hope here, there are no people here, unlike other attractions have a lot of play, here may be more suitable for the big film. The most dramatic model, raise the mobile phone to shoot, and finally organize the photos to find out that the film. Surrounding Wyndham, Longpan Bay, Ledong, Hainan It should be a hotel with a high cost performance in Ledong. Wyndham Drill Card 500+ live in more than 100 flat suites, and the hotel's meal cost performance is OK. By the way, you can go to the beach 🏖️ to see the most beautiful sunset in Longpan Bay, ⬅️ See the next chapter. The hotel is a large area and the hotel is more than a piece, but I can't really get it done. Jianfeng Ridge See the other article, climbing the mountain 🧗‍♀️ to see the sunrise and sunset clouds and the dream pool.

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The Yinggehai Salt Flats are located in Ledong County. Different channels intersect orderly with each other across the large salt field. Gorgeous scenery unfolds with the silver salt sea reflecting the blue sky. Visitors can observe the interesting salt manufacturing process in the Yinggehai Salt Flats. The ideal time for this is generally in the afternoon when salt workers firstly pound the salt into pieces, and then pile the sized salt up as small salt piles. During peak seasons, the salt plant has a numerous silver salt piles, forming a splendid view.
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