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Tianyan TelescopeNearby City

Tianyan Telescope

4.4/53100 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Pingtang Can't Miss Attractions
104.1km from Libo ·
Kaka Lee
"How to say this attraction in Tianyan is a place that has to go but remembers its torment and speechlessness... ⚠️Online booking can not directly brush the identity to the ticket gate, go to the ticket office to change tickets, ID + tickets can enter. ⚠️The ticket office and the ticket gate are very far away, walking slowly, it takes 15 minutes, and it is very dry. ⚠️You can't bring any electronic products such as mobile phones in the door (with a cabinet to put for free), and then take the bus 🚌 to go inside (the journey time is also quite long, and the driver waits for people to drive, wasting a lot of time, the people who are very rushed are careful, Because there are no people there on non-holidays, it takes a long time to wait. ⚠️ You think you can see the sky eye after taking the bus. Wrong, you have to climb the mountain for about half an hour to see it after getting off. If you are in a hurry, you can only choose to spend 20 yuan and take a tour bus to save time. ⚠️ You think you can see the sky eye right away with 20 bucks on the mountain? Wrong, you need to climb another 5 minutes to actually see the sky eye. ⚠️ Because the sky eye was originally built in an unobstructed place, the stairs and walks are very sunny all the way! Mainly prepare for sun protection. ⚠️ Because you can't bring a mobile phone, you need to spend 30 yuan for the staff to help you and Tianyan take a film camera photo, and you can't take it on the same day. It takes two days to download it on the relevant public number. ⚠️ After seeing the original road back, the same, tired to take a tour bus, to wait for people, and pay another 20 yuan... ⚠️ The planetarium of the basic tickets is still a little something to see, but the display light is more blurry, obviously not well maintained. Some can still exclude the photos of the red feeling of the net~[Smile]⚠️Tianxiang Cinema (sphere ring curtain) every time there is one full time, the content is about eight planets, if you miss one, you have to wait for another hour... ⚠️ There is nothing to eat in the scenic area, it is recommended to bring good food and the most important sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! !"