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Hot Springs Resort
Xifeng Hot SpringNearby City

Xifeng Hot Spring

4.5/5492 Reviews
"Hot Springs Resort"
Ranked #12 in Pan County Fun Attractions Nearby
223.6km from Libo · Guiyang
"@Xifeng Hot Spring takes about 80 kilometers north of Guiyang. The hot spring is located on the halfway of the mountain. It is driven to the last section of the mountain. There are no lights at night and you need to drive carefully. ⏰Entry time:7:30-21:30🕰Opening time:7:30-22:30When we went, it was almost 9 o'clock. The staff reminded us that we could only take more than an hour, but it was almost an hour. 🛎Surrounding: by the Xifeng Hot Spring, there are a lot of farmhouses, restaurants, meals around, "Do not worry about the night ♨️ Water quality: It is said that it is the largest oyster hot spring in the country. It is said that oyster (Rn) is a very rare silent, odorless and colorless gas element in nature. It is the process of oyster transformation. It is said that oyster spring strengthens cardiac muscle energy, blood pressure system, nervous system, The inner urinary system has special effects. [Dawdry] But I don't feel anything, unlike sulfur hot spring ♨️, there will be a strong sulfur taste. Instead, it feels like a boiling boiler water [awkward] [candy] service: the overall service level is good, when you are in the hot spring, a waiter also offers water and introduces it actively. 🛡 Facilities/Services: There is a sitting area and dining on the second floor, but there is no time, it is too late to play; There is dry steam and wet steam, very good, out of sweat detoxification, but I didn't see hot slate bed where, I don't know if there is. 💹 May 1, the price is a little more expensive than usual, the site price is 158 yuan, 150 yuan online, saving 8 yuan / person [cavities] ❇️ summary: Overall, it is still good, a bubble is very unsolved, it is worth recommending"