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Loudou Forest

Loudou Forest

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24km from city centre
"Maolan is one of Bell's first selected destinations in China and has been developed for two years. It is very well balanced in all aspects. Whether it is with children, elderly people, couples, there are suitable play routes. Highlight Features: Scenic Spot Features: Wild! There are stars (galaxies), there are streams, there are farmers, there are forests, there are farmland, there are camping... Although the whole is a certain distance from the wild luxury, but the main distance is on the type of difference in local accommodation. The line development that can be played is very good! Line 1: Wuyanqiao Qinglongtan Line a sentence summary: Photo punching time: 1 hour or so details: The starting point of this line is the five-eye bridge at the core of the scenic spot. It is a line. You can go to the end of Qinglong Bridge, then take the scenic shuttle bus back, or you can return by the original road. Summary: It's a way to get a picture, even to see a local wedding photo shoot to get a view. It's also a way to relax, and you can choose a time to brush it. The scenery is beautiful, but the taste index is low. No sunscreen here (Figure 2) The crab ditch sentence summary: Main push child family! Details: This line needs to take a shuttle bus to and from, the main experience is crab ditch to catch crab and fish. Force the child to go to the water, is also the crab ditch is mainly targeted at the population. The scenery is about helping the fathers and children catch crabs. It takes 20-30 minutes to walk around. If you play, it will be no problem for more than 3 hours. It mainly depends on the skills and luck of the fathers in catching crabs. There is no need for sunscreen here, but it is light sunscreen. The focus is coming! The most interesting part of the line is that the crab trench is very busy, but there is no one on the first line of the old bridge on this walking line!!! There is a desolate beauty (Fig. 3) about 40 minutes to the hollow valley (needing a sunscreen all the way) Lion Cave and other four holes to explore a summary: there is a certain climbing index, not suitable for too small children. Details: Guide 150 yuan, you can ask the store in advance (that is, the store's seven great-gu eight great-aunts, brothers and brothers and fathers). Danger index is not high, many with dogs and children climb. Overall about 3 hours or so. Pure black hole and Dindal effect, very magnificent! The scenery is excellent. Be sure to bring your own flashlight or headlight, or ask the store to bring it well in advance. Increase the viewing index! Sunscreen general, sweat index jungle through funnel forest a sentence summary: sports line, wild fun! Details: Guide 300 yuan. A route that requires 5-8 hours and needs to have a meal in the forest halfway. This route is more fun to cross the jungle. This route does not recommend too young children to come, because it is still a certain danger, the road is mostly not developed!! And there are only 3 exits from the beginning to the end, and there are not many opportunities to regret. Strong sun protection needs, strong backwater needs alone! Long coats and trousers! #Travel needs to take pictures like this #Travel photo technology flow #Net red punch card #Autumn palette #Nature wonders"