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Libo Seven Small Arches (Xiaoqikong) Scenic Area

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Open Open from 8:00am-4:00pm
Recommended Sightseeing Time: 2-3 hours
Address: Libo, Qiannan, Guizhou, China

What people are saying:

We arrive at the East Gate of the scenic spot at 8 o'clock. We use the ID card to buy the tickets. Tickets can be bought on the public number of Xiaoqikong, you can also buy the ID card in the special ID window. The Chongqing ID card only needs 40 sightseeing fare, and 10 yuan insurance can choose to buy or not. Children need to buy sightseeing tickets for more than one meter or two. After processing, there is no paper ticket, brush ID card and face identification to enter the door, so if you use someone else's ID card to buy is useless. Small seven holes in the east gate is a door, big seven holes can go directly to play, small seven holes need to take a sightseeing bus. After entering the door, go to take a sightseeing bus. Whether you enter from the East Gate or the West Gate, you have to take a sightseeing bus to the corresponding attractions. The West Gate is relatively close to Wolongtan, and the East Gate is relatively close to the Xiaoqikong Ancient Bridge. Most of them are first to take the bus to Wolongtan and then take a station to go back. After each attraction down play, then take the car to the next attraction, Wolongtan to the small Qikong ancient bridge is downhill, walking is not so tired, but there are many people. We enter from the east gate, but also sit to the farthest Wolongtan Station, play down. We enter the park around 9 o'clock, it should be relatively early, the tickets are sold at 8 o'clock, and the sightseeing car is open at 8:20. Sit at Wolongtan Station in about 20 minutes, and walk a few hundred meters down to visit Wolong Temple. It only takes more than half an hour to go to Wolong Lake, then take a sightseeing bus to the next stop, Wuhu Lake. This is a lake that you can row. If you say that there is no boating in the plan, you can also not go directly by car to the next stop, Cuigu Waterfall. We want to row, so we are definitely going to Wuhu Lake. Or choose drifting to the next stop in Wolongyu, 50 yuan a person. At the second stop, Wuhu, after getting off the bus, you need to walk more than 100 meters to the lake. The boating is 30 people, free of charge under one meter or two, unlimited time. The sun is shining on the lake, but only a few minutes. There are many shaded places in the row, which is very cool. You can also take a sightseeing bus to Tianzhong Cave by the lake. It takes 8 yuan's ticket. You can walk 300 meters to Cuigu Waterfall when you visit Tianzhong Cave. We did not go, feel that stalactite inside the karst cave too much to see, do not want to delay time, so return journey more than 100 meters back to the lake by car to the Cuigu Waterfall Station. Cuigu Waterfall is not the point, the point is here can play with the unscrupulous water, next to several small shops, selling water guns, slippers, washing shirts, etc., are helping you to play with the water. The children were also careful to get their pants wet at first, and they were playing behind them. Many children were playing with only underwear and even the boy who was stripped. From Cuigu Waterfall Station by car to the Water Forest Station, you need to walk 1.2 kilometers to Guibeishan Station, and then take the bus to Shishang Forest Station. From the stone forest to the Xiaoqikong ancient bridge, it needs to walk 1.6 kilometers, but this is the essence route, there are Shuanglong Waterfall, 68-grade waterfall, Laya Waterfall, etc., all the way is very beautiful, a bit like Jiuzhaigou

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The Libo Seven Small Arches Scenic Area is located among the karst peaks south of the Libo County urban area. The attraction gets its name from a seven-arched bluestone bridge that crosses the noisy river there. The site incorporates all the beauty of mountains, water, trees, caves, lakes, and waterfalls. This natural splendor has combined with the authentic cultural flavor of the Tujia and Yao people of the area to bring fame to the area. Attractions like the ancient seven-arched bridge, the water forest, the crouching dragon pool, and Mandarin Duck Lake make the area like an earthly fairyland.
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