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Loudou Forest

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Maolan Karst Forest ReserveMap

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Life list 🧾| through the most magical funnel forest together 🌲 [funnel forest 🏕️] is like a deep green hole, is the most karst forest in Guizhou area features a virgin forest. Everything here is a primitive and natural landscape, tall trees, such as sable vines, silky silk moths and radishes, magically combined into a unique tropical rainforest forest landscape. • · ‼️ Difficulty coefficient: Three 🌟 (15 kilometers, total 6 ⛰️) 🕰 Hiking hours: 7 9 hours 🕙 (We had lunch at the Maolan Donkey Friends' Home. The guide that the boss helped find set off in the afternoon, and set out camping in the cave with his back and went down the mountain the next morning. Returning to the Donkey Friends' Home at noon) 🚗 Traffic: Reference to the previous article [Maolan Secret]·ðŸŒ³ Here you can see the wonderful [Jesus Light] 🧚‍♀️, which is the biggest spot in the funnel forest 🌟. It only appears at 2 ⃣️ in the afternoon - 3 ⃣️ 30. The reason ❗️ is that the rear cave entrance is an underground estuary, and the super cold air gushing from the interior is called ⚠️ natural air conditioning machine. The body temperature is about 18°C, and the aerosol is formed and merged with ☀️, thus producing a large "Dindar effect". ✨ · 🌳 The forest often passes through the magical caves. You will pass through the Golden Lion Cave and the Sallow Cave and the Sallow Cave and the Sallow Cave and the Forest and the Wild Langu Lake and the Funnel Forest and the Gaowang Exit to experience Bell's adventure together 🧗‍♀️ · 🌳 This is the core area of the karst world natural heritage in southern China. The negative oxygen ion concentration is high. It is a great place to "breath and lungs", unlock the virgin forest together 🌲 hiking ➕ cave camping 🏕️, life wonderful experience +1.📌 Note: 1⃣️ Be sure to ask the guide 🐾, generally 200 300/day, can bargain on your own! The virgin forest 🌿 is dangerous if you are not familiar with the route. 2⃣️ There are many mosquitoes in the forest 🐜. They do not bite but they will fly in the ear. They carry mosquito repellent 🦟 spray and flower water with them. Pay attention to sun protection. 3⃣️ If it is a hike 🧗‍♀️, all outdoor equipment is ready, and it is very important to have a good air-permeable pants and a professional 🥾. It is best to bring raincoats, headlights, hiking sticks, etc. 4⃣️ Water 🧂 Take twice as much as usual, replenish water in time and drink in small mouthfuls, and also provide some small dry food 🍮 to prevent hunger. 5⃣️ Camping ⛺️ is in the cave, completely wild camp, nothing, if you want to camp in the cave, bring all the outdoor camping equipment, have a group of 🔥 at night, prevent wild animals 🐯 when setting up a tent, try to choose ‼️ the topography is slightly tilted. Preventing the rainy night in the tent water ‼️ 6 ⃣️ Take a few more bags, take away the garbage, care for the environment! ·â›ºï¸ Let's feel the original meaning of life between the mountain forest and the stream together 🍃 # outdoor hike # recommended trail # camping # outdoor camping # Guizhou Tourism # Guizhou # mountain climbing # together mountain climbing #æ³¢ # weekend where to go # virgin forest # Guizhou surroundings # expensive State Tourism Strategy


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