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Observation Deck
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Sea Caves

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"Observation Deck"
98.6km from Limassol ·
"Aynapal Seaview Departure from the resort at 8:30 a.m. along the only freeway on the southern coast of Cyprus 180 kilometers, and reach the city of Sanapa on the southeast coast of Cyprus at 10:30. Also called Ainapah, this small fishing village was originally unsurprising, with a warm climate and clear sea water attracting tourists from all over the world. With the development of tourism, hundreds of resorts, bars and clubs were built on the seaside, and the tranquility of the fishing village was gone. May to October is the most prosperous and busy time in Aynapa, with tourists like clouds, restaurants, shops, and cafes flourishing. This prosperity does not belong to today, and we drive directly to the high slopes of Sea Caves, a public beach about 7 kilometers east of Santa Napa. Walking to the cliff-like beach, for a long time, the entire beach was just a few of us. In the peninsula between Limnara Beach and Cape Greco Seagulls, there is a unique rock structure called the “Stone Hall.” The beach is several stories high from the sea level, and from the side, the rocks can be seen clearly as stacked up and down like a book. The Sea Caves is just in the middle, and the shore below us is a huge concave arc, which is shaped like a window or a palace by the water and looks like a peephole by the blue sea. Many tourists come to Santa Napa to see the magic of nature. The best view is from the sea side to the shore, of course, but it is necessary to pack a boat from the port of San Napa, so that you can dive into the mysterious caves and see if there are any mermaids living. The sea was calm and there was some disapproval of the warning sign's 3-meter warning to leave the cliff. But it was said that when there was wind at sea, the waves could reach 10 meters high and hit you on the face to drink a pot. The ends of the sky in Cyprus, the blue sky like a curtain, the white clouds like a veil, the sea sends out the green grass of the emerald boat, clear at the bottom, facing the sea in Ainapah, with the daisies on the back of the slope..."