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Dawei Ancient Town

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Ancient Settlement
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Recommended sightseeing time:3-4 hours
Lingchuan, Guilin, Guangxi, ChinaMap

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From Xing'an Ancient Town, go around Guilin City and go south to Dagu Ancient Town. The central road of Dagu Town passes through the town. It is reserved for an old street along the river near the ferry pier of the Lijiang River. This old street has some taste. The red lanterns on both sides also show the bustling of the old street. The old houses on both sides of the old street are basically opened for businessmen mainly engaged in local specialties, snacks, antiques and old objects.



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Daxu Ancient Town is located 18 kilometers southeast of Guilin City and has a history of more than 1,800 years. Today's Daxu Ancient Town can still see the old streets paved with bluestone slabs. When you look up, you can see the arcades and wooden pavements along the street. Walking in the ancient town, you can see all kinds of historical relics everywhere, full of ancient style. Daxu Ancient Town was founded in AD 200. Until the Ming and Qing dynasties, it was a place where merchants from the north and the south gathered, and merchants from all over the world built their guild halls here, which was very prosperous. It used to be above the four major towns in Guangxi (the rest are Luxu in Binyang, Rongxu in Cangwu, and Qiaoxu in Guixian). The Wanshou Bridge, located at the confluence of the Mahe River and the Lijiang River, is a good place to appreciate the Lijiang River and Luozhi Mountain on the opposite bank. The bridge itself is a cultural relic that was built in the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty. Between Taipingmen and Yonganmen after passing the Wanshou Bridge, there is a lot of old buildings. You can stroll here and savor it carefully. The monuments worth seeing include Gaozu Temple, Mosque, Ancestral Hall, Liao House (47 Dongfang Street), Huang House (28 Minzhu Street), Li House (37 Minzhu Street) and so on. On Jiefang Street, there are also two domineering dragon columns in front of a mansion, you can also take a look. The ancient town still retains a number of ancient handicraft workshops such as bamboo weaving workshops, straw sandal workshops, traditional funeral supplies stores, herbal medicine clinics, and old barber shops. The idle old people either read some yellowed books on the street, or gathered together to drink tea and play cards, living peacefully and watching the ancient town behind. About 8 kilometers away from Daxu Ancient Town, there is also an ancient village called Xiongcun, which can be played together. In addition, strawberries can be picked around Daxu Ancient Town in April and May, and the price can be asked by local farmers.
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