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Shishi Ocean WorldNearby City

Shishi Ocean World

4/542 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Shishi Can't Miss Attractions
176.2km from Longyan ·
"Shishi Ocean World is located on the edge of the Gold Coast. Viewed from a height, it looks like a ship, which is also a highlight. Together with Luojia Temple and the Guanyin statue form three diagonals. 👍Recommendation reason: With the theme of marine culture, it creates nine themed areas of "Tropical Rainforest, Underwater World, Fantasy Jellyfish Palace, Indoor and Outdoor Cute Pets, Ice and Snow World, Dolphin Performance Hall, Polar Penguin Hall, Ocean Science Museum, and Ocean View Observatory. More than 10,000 marine and terrestrial creatures provide ingenious amusement facilities and show the four major performing arts! 📷Main points: 🐬My favorite is the Dolphinarium, which has the only 360-degree panoramic view of the real sea in the country without dead ends as the background. The visual effects on the scene far exceed the Japanese and Hong Kong Aquariums. ❤ Only if you have a relationship with a dolphin, he will kiss you~ I am very lucky to get the lucky kiss of this baby dolphin. As a good friend of mankind, you must love it. 🧞‍♀️The tall beauties from Russia bring the mermaid show to tourists. In the seawall tunnel, a gorgeous mermaid swaying through the sea, surrounded by fish, as if in a fairy tale world in. The mermaid will also interact with the audience, which is more beautiful than the heart~ 🧜‍♀️The fish feeding performance can be said to be a intensive phobia. A large number of fish will surround the breeder, but after eating, they will obediently surround him and let the breeder stroke his head, like a small Children are just as cute. 🐾The unpredictable jellyfish is also a highlight of the ocean world. This soft creature has a magical power to make people feel better. When they shrink one by one, the umbrella body swings up and down, which is especially decompression. There are also many types of jellyfish here, with different colors and shapes, making it more dreamy with different lighting colors. 🐧 There are also the largest ice and snow world in Quanzhou, the silly polar penguins, and various style performance areas. It can be said that it is a combination of entertaining and fun. Not only children enjoy it, but adults also linger. 🎈The only 360-degree panoramic view with no dead ends in the country. The real sea is the background. The "boat" of Quanzhou Shishi actually hides the ocean world, full of childishness"