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Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley

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Open Open on Mon-Fri,8:00am-5:30pm;Open on Sat-Sun,8:00am-6:00pm
Recommended Sightseeing Time: 3-4 hours
Address: Chuanjie World Dinosaur Valley Scenic Area, Lufeng County
Phone: 0878-8985598 0878-8985777 0878-8985888

What people are saying:

I like the small friends of dinosaurs, it is worth going to, the children are too small or dare not play exciting rides, children don't have to buy tickets for the park, go directly to the ticket office to buy the ticket for the ruins, cheap, adults and children are only 105 yuan, can't buy it separately on the Internet. Are dinosaur park and dinosaur ruins together, that is expensive, I took the child to the car, started to think that the back of the car will be too troublesome, the results are very easy, now it is really convenient to go out, Lufeng passenger station has a car to the dinosaur Valley, the car Lufeng drive to Luochuan, In the middle, you will go to the dinosaur valley. I am taking the 8:15 am. I don't know how long the interval is. The journey is about 40 to 50 minutes. The hotel near the passenger station is cheap and clean. 100 yuan. We toured the dinosaur ruins in about 3 hours. We did not take the tour bus. It is unnecessary. It's not big inside. There are fewer people in the car. Most of them are walking. My son and I took a drifting trip. It's still exciting for the faint-hearted people like us. One big and one small are 110 yuan. After playing, there are some vans to pull passengers. 20 people, No. 10 cars can also be used, it seems to be cheaper. The interval of the trains is a bit long. The road taken by the No. 10 bus is different from the van. The van takes the high speed. It takes about half an hour to reach Yifeng. The 10 roads seem to take an hour or so.

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The Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley is a large-scale, dinosaur-themed cultural tourism park. It is located on Konglong (Dinosaur) Mountain in Chuanjie Township's Ana Village within Chuxiong Prefecture's Lufeng County. This is a place where the kingdom of dinosaurs, the world of the Jurassic age and the rise and fall of the planet's amazing creatures can be experienced. Dinosaur Valley is divided into two major areas: the “Dinosaur Dig Scientific Research Area” and the “Jurassic World Tourist Area.” The Dinosaur Dig has more than 60 Lufengosaurus skeletons, which have been pieced together by teams of paleontologists. It is very spectacular. In the tourist area, visitors can learn a great deal about the life dinosaurs led hundreds of millions of years ago. There are a large number of artificially constructed waterfalls, rivers, lakes and a vast number of Jurassic-era plants.
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