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Luocheng Jianjiang Scenic Area

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Dongjiantun, Huaiqun Town, Luocheng County, Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionMap

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Jianjiang scenic spot is 35 kilometers from Luocheng, the town of Huaiqun Jianjiang. Here, strange peaks, the water is beautiful, everywhere. The ten-mile gallery of Jianjiang is not like Guilin, it is better than Guilin. The mountain of two puddles is strange shape, posture thousands of, some mountain body is huge, give a person to majestic trend, some top is pointed, like to rush to the cloud, some like open-screen peacock, some like lion tiger, have as a paddle, each form lifelike, lively, lively talk view. Jianjiang River, dripping, clear blue, river water, such as a beautiful picture.


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Jianjiang Scenic Area is located in the Jianjiang area of Huaiqun Town, 35 kilometers away from Luocheng County, Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Here, the peaks are abrupt, the clear water is long, and the scenery is everywhere. Jianjiang Shili Gallery, "It's not Guilin, it's better than Guilin". The mountains on both sides of the Jianjiang River have strange shapes and various postures. Some of the mountains are huge, giving people a majestic momentum. , Some are like mandarin ducks playing in the water, and some are like Liu Sanzhe, a singer who forgets his love, all of them are lifelike, lifelike and vivid. Jianjiang, trickling, clear blue, white pebbles at the bottom of the river can be counted. From time to time, half a beach is exposed in the river, and the sand is white and delicate. Mountains, towering like forests, densely overlapped, in a myriad of shapes, vivid and vivid, with both form and spirit. In the valley, the bamboo and wood are lush, covering the sky and the sun, quiet and elegant, the shore is lined with green bamboos, and the ancient banyan trees are towering. Sitting in the shade of Fengwei Bamboo and looking around, the river is gurgling, the sky is full of white clouds, and the solitary smoke on the bank rises straight up, like a beautiful picture. The Cailong Waterfall, Qiexing Waterfall, Yaohe Waterfall, and Kencai Waterfall, which are dozens of meters high, are like the Milky Way flying down from the sky, roaring and roaring, and the sound of the forest is majestic and magnificent. Pull t cave, strange and strange, colorful. There is a natural stone bridge flying frame on a canyon, forming an arch about 50 meters high and 30 meters wide, which is magnificent and majestic. The ancient wood on the stone bridge painting is intertwined and verdant. Under the bridge, there are countless "life-born objects" hanging upside down, with myriad shapes and inexplicable shapes. At the bottom of the arch, a small river flows, peeping over the arch, the mountains and clouds disappear into the distance. On the shore, the ancient waterwheel slowly turned. Halfway up the mountain, surrounded by green shades, the bamboo buildings are vague, the marriage is curled up, and there is a strong local style scattered everywhere. The Changchun Film Studio once filmed the location for the film "Love in the Valley", and the series "Panman" and "Yesterday Gone" filmed by Guangxi TV also have many scenes here.
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