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Songen Building in Xiamen UniversityNearby City

Songen Building in Xiamen University

4.5/5173 Reviews
"Observation Deck"
200.7km from Meizhou ·
"Visiting Xiamen University, Furong Lake and Jiageng Main Buildings in the center of the campus are must-visit places. This is an excellent place to take pictures. Songen Buildings are lined with them. It is on the edge of Furong Lake. It is currently the most impressive and highest floor of Xiamen University. Complex of buildings. In fact, you can see this beautiful building without entering the campus. It is currently the most magnificent building complex with the highest floor in Xiamen University. It is the iconic landscape of Xiamen University. The style of the buildings is Western style, which highlights the majestic and majestic Kaisi Building with symmetry. . There are eight bamboo-shaped pillars downstairs in Keith, which have been cut off by a diagonal knife. On them are written eight characters: "Continue to improve and stop at perfection." This is the "school motto" of Xiamen University. Choose a quiet afternoon and walk in the meantime, you can feel the rare peace and leisure. Walking to the right from the building complex, you can come to the Jiannan Auditorium, the place where the students of Shanghai Xianchang and Xiamen University held their graduation ceremonies. Both are very spectacular buildings. Of course, if you have the opportunity, it is recommended to climb to the top floor. After you reach the top floor of Song En Building, you can have a 360-degree panoramic view of Xiamen University. I recommend a tour route: from the south gate of Xiamen University, from Furong Lake→Jiageng Main Building Complex→Song En Building Complex→Human Museum→Furong Dormitory→Furong Restaurant→Furong Tunnel→Shangxianchang→Jiannan Building Complex→Jiannan Great Hall → Baicheng Gate. Basically, the essence of Xiamen University can be reached, and the Baicheng gate is the beach and the starting point on the east side of Yanwu Bridge. This gate is not easy to enter, and students and teachers need certificates to enter, so it is recommended to go out from here. I am clockwise, an older youth who loves to travel, photography, and clock in. Traveling is a compulsory course in my life and an indispensable part of my life. I love to take photos at will and share my journey. Experience and experience, if you think my notes are helpful to you, please feel free to give me a compliment."