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Piazza Mercanti

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City | ​​landmark
Recommended Sightseeing Time: 0.5-1 day
Address: Piazza Mercanti, Milan, Italy

What people are saying:

Re-walking in the historically glorious square in Italy-Milan Merchant Square I remember that I visited the Merchant Square in Italy once in 2009. At that time, it was small, passing by in a hurry, and it gave people a quiet memory. Now I appear again in Milan's Merchant Square, which is a re-walk. The Merchant Square is located in Milan, Italy. It was built in the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages, he was like a successful young man, carrying Milan’s business and politics. Now, he is like a peaceful old man, keeping quiet and peaceful. Exist in Italy. When I walked on the square, the square was surrounded by buildings on three sides, and the other side faced the open market building. People in front of me were sitting on the steps in front of the market building, talking and laughing, so peaceful. I have also seen singers holding small concerts. The selected tracks are not loud music. Comfortable and soft music is more suitable for this place, like adding a bit of liveliness to this quiet place. Sit in a coffee shop and have a sip of tea. Walking slowly in the Merchant Square is like rereading the life of an old man, from prosperity to prosperity to peace and tranquility now. If you are hesitant about life, please come here to visit and calm down your heart. Enjoy being naturally beautiful. Warm Tips 1. Step into Italy, don’t forget to eat pasta, just find a noodle shop opened by a local Italian; 2. There is also Chinese food near the square: the name of the restaurant-Wan Zhen Lou (the fried beef with onion is very authentic, also There is a soup with rice cake flavors); 3. Italian cuisine: the name of the shop—Risoelatte, it is recommended to taste the special Milanese risotto and steak

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