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Cave of the Winds

Cave of the Winds

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Ranked #6 in Niagara Falls Can't Miss Attractions
2.5km from city centre
"When I came to Niagara Falls on the first day, it was already 7 o’clock in the evening, so I came to the Cave of the Winds the next day, and came here early in the morning, because it is said that there will be a long queue in the afternoon. For the team, the Cave of the Winds opened around nine o'clock, and after getting tickets at the door in advance, they waited to enter. After entering, the first thing I visited was a small museum, which mainly introduced historical figures about Niagara Falls. The most famous one is actually Tesla. A power plant was opened on Niagara Falls. Such a good water conservancy It is a pity that resources are wasted, so power generation is environmentally friendly and practical. After watching a small movie, you can officially enter. I picked up the shoes in the departure hall. By the way, the quality of the shoes is very good. You have to take an elevator down for more than 40 meters. An elevator can take more than ten people. After you come out, you can put on a raincoat and you can go in. The raincoat has two functions. One is to block rain and water, and the other is to block the birds in the sky. There are too many birds here. The chance of recruiting is still quite high. Cave of the Winds is mainly to see two waterfalls, one is the American Falls, the other is the bridal veil, you can feel the violent storm under the waterfall up close, it is quite fun, but it is not suitable for taking photos, because it is too big The water is up, and you can see nice scenery when you walk on the plank road. The United States is not as good as the Canadian side, so a few unique places have been repaired here, and it is quite good to feel it."