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Yangfan Square

Yangfan Square

1 Reviews
7.3km from city centre
"Spicy call in Yangfan square opened "black gold" upgrade shop, rush to duck new store decoration knocked style, even the central staircase is a large area of red, the ordering table is very overbearing. The opening scene also has Miao girl and the small group perform Miao song and dance, so lively, Miao family enthusiasm "high mountain flowing water" to persuade the wine ceremony, really the whole scene fried, the joy is extremely, don't bring a male ticket, he can't even go... His family must order: The sign is spicy and spicy, and it is always a savory and refreshing mouth of this strong bullfrog. It can't stop at all. The head of the pepper fish is authentic and delicious, the sauce is fully absorbed, the meat of the head is actually very much, it is all treasures. The new food of the cow demon is very creative, and the ritual is very full. The shop assistant read auspicious words, the bar lid knocked off, inside is the stewed beef, the ancient steamed old bacon this must be ordered, from Hunan's mother of the boss did not add anything, eat up the lips and teeth to leave incense. The most affecting thing for me is that their zui original raw ingredients control, green pepper and other ingredients are also directly airlifted from Hunan, it is really a fresh scent that can't be eaten in other stores. Ah ah, the spicy Jimeimen duck spicy is called Cantonese cuisine. Yangfan Square, Ningbo High-tech Zone # Eat out Happiness # Food Searches # Go to the store"