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Parque Nacional La Campana

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Address: Av. Granizo 9137 | Paradero 43 Olmue, Olmue, Chile
Phone: +56 33 244 1342

What people are saying:

Challenging, the natural environment is very good! There are two drinking water spots on the road. Although the water flow is relatively small, it is enough to meet the drinking water needs. Just carry 1.5 liters of water by yourself. I saw spiders, foxes, lizards and cows in the mountains. Remember to bring trekking poles, gloves, baseball caps, and sunscreen. They are all useful. Tickets are 6000 pesos for foreigners. There are two time limits. You can register at one place before 12:00. A team can register once, and you will be asked about the number of people. , Ask how many people are by gender, the name of the leader, and the phone number. After this time, they will not be allowed to climb. I also told everyone to descend from the top of the mountain before 14:00. This makes some sense. It was later discovered that there were spiders, mosquitoes and other insects starting at 17:00. After going down the mountain, I was thirsty and directly drank the water from the toilet tap. It was delicious, and it felt clearer than the drinking water on the mountain.